Lena Hudson


Alex Hebert

Lena Hudson and Alex Hebert

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Our Story

This is the story of two uniquely different people that met each other in this world made of molecules formed from atoms. Yes, a chemistry definition. We met, became friends, got to know each other, and started loving each other. We don't really believe in true love or fate or anything of that nature, but if you ask us how do you love each other day in and day out, our answer would be Time. Time is one thing you can not control. Everyday time is continuously moving forward. Who we choose to spend that time with, that is the definition of love. Spending each and every day that you are walking this earth with the person that you chose to be with, dealing with all of those little annoying tendencies that each person has and loving them regardless, that is love. We are choosing to spend each day together, loving each other throughout the rest of our lives. We are happy and true happiness is what matters, and if you are choosing a special person to be with for the rest of your life and are happy, that's what matters. We are happy that everyone reading this is in our lives and can be a part of this story with us.

The Future Heberts